The Pointless Endeavor


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This lidded bowl was made with pecan wood, TotalBoat Thickset Fathom, and a bunch of colored pencils. This whimsical creation will bring out the kid in anybody, inducing memories from childhood. This would make an excellent special occasion gift or a great addition to your art collection. This bowl would be the perfect gift for a teacher or an enthusiast of eclectic items. It stands 8.75″ tall and measures 8″ in diameter.

Note: TotalBoat epoxies are food safe, BPA free and will not release any toxins into the environment once cured. All my items are for decoration only and should not be used for daily use. Our pieces should never be put in a microwave or in a dishwasher. Do not allow water to set on surface. Wipe with wet cloth, then dry immediately.


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