Blue Carpenter Bee Bowl (Please look at Pictures)


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This bowl was inspired by the Blue Carpenter Bee. A beautiful creature from the Southeast Asia, India and Southern China area. This bowl is made from TotalBoat 2:1 resin colored with Black Diamond and Jacquard pigments. The gold honey looking resin makes the bowl pop, by highlighting the blue and black hexagons. The hexagons help make a stunning transition from the base to the top. This would make an excellent special occasion gift or a great addition to your art collection or just a great gift to a bee enthusiast. The stands 3.25″ tall and measures 6 1/2″ in diameter at it thickest spot. Please look over the pictures as there are a few issues with the resin. Namely, the bottom has speckled spots nad there is a small piece of wood inside one of the hexagons.

You can see the making of the bowl here:

Note: TotalBoat epoxies are food safe, BPA free and will not release any toxins into the environment once cured. All my items are for decoration only and should not be used for daily use. Our pieces should never be put in a microwave or in a dishwasher. Do not allow water to set on surface. Wipe with wet cloth, then dry immediately.


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