First thing you need to know is I love to have fun. People that know me say I am fun loving and a little crazy. People that meet me say I have a screw lose. But that’s what makes life worth living. A little about me. I am a 23 year combat veteran, who uses woodworking to relax and deal with every day stress. I started woodworking in high school and dabbled through out my life in the military. Upon retiring in 2012 I decided I needed a hobby to maintain my sanity. This is when I started buying tools and got my first lathe and I haven’t looked back since. I have a real passion for making high quality products. I’ve been told I am to critical of my own work, but I feel you should get the highest quality product for the money you pay. I love to try new things and tend to think outside the box. I love working with clients that want something new and fresh, that give me the freedom to create but want to work with me.


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